Career aces

I started my disc golf “career” in June 2016 as I first bought discs to my son to play. But I got hooked. Since been actively playing and been able to hit few aces along the way. So here are those aces I have had and some details of the holes and discs I did use. Feel free to comment.

Dynamic Discs
Westside Discs
Saint Pro
Buzzz OS


Imatra – Mikonpuisto, hole 8

55m, par 3

Opto Pearl from Latitude64 did the trick when I threw hyzerflip on short straight hole in Mikonpuisto. Nothing special about throw or hole, but first is always first and had this with two strangers in my pool. And got this first after played discgolf for couple of months 🙂


Imatra – Urheilutalo, hole 3

45m, par 3

Innova Dart found its way to basket when thrown RHBH turnover from left gap you can see from pic. Again not long but these ace’s very really important from motivation perspective


Imatra – Karhumäki, hole 3

59m, par 3

Latitude64 Spike give me my third ace. Double Mando and basket in slope to left. RHBH had many times faded all the way down, but got my Spike to hold straight line to basket. 


Imatra – Urheilutalo, hole 2

53m, par 3

Latitude64 Spike had an another success on Urheilutalo hole 2. Slightly downhill straight shot without any obstacles. Aim and shoot and be ready to cheer


Imatra – Itä-Suomen koulu, hole 8

61m, par 3

Had to admit this was a little accident. In this hole there’s a main route on right with fade to left at the end so kinda normal right hand hyzer would do the job. I threw my Latitude64 Compass and had a little early release. Disc flew straight line to basket through the small gap between trees on left side. Unintentional route but great ace nevertheless


Imatra – Itä-Suomen koulu, hole 9

49m, par 3

Second ace for the same day came with Innova Roc3. As there was quite much snow you really can’t see basket from tee as it was behind a pile of snow (can be seen in pic behind me). So threw a hyzer around the snow pile and then heard the chains. 


Imatra – Itä-Suomen koulu, hole 3

46m, par 3

Week from previous ace, Innova Roc3 found it’s way to basket again at hole 3. That hole is straight short hole and only challenge is a slope behind a basket. This time didn’t need to worry about that return putt as disc stayed in the basket


Imatra – Urheilutalo, hole 1

49m, par 3

Hole 1 in Urheilutalo is a narrow straight hole and perfect for hyzerflipping Latitude64 Pure. There’s couple to tree gates on the way to basket and this time got perfect line through and hit dead center to chains


Imatra – Mikonpuisto, hole 1

45m, par 3

Common play to Hole 1 in Mikonpuisto is RH sidearm of BH straight or slight hyzerflip. I had a slight turnover with my Latitude64 Pure that landed I right into basket. It’s very cool to watch turnover disc to hit the target in my opinion.


Imatra – Karhumäki, hole 12

88m, par 3

Ace #10 was a special in two ways. It was my first in PDGA sanctioned event and also first with a disc that I had dyed. Hole 12 is slight downhill hole with whole right side OB. Threw my Latitude64 Saint pro  in small hyzer little right from target and disc did its own part by fading into basket. Such a great moment to have ace in PDGA event.


Imatra – Karhumäki, hole 22

57m, par 3

Latitude64 Jade was my go-to disc for uphill shots for quite some time during early years. As a lighter and understable disc it was easy to get a distance and control with it. On hole 22 at Karhumäki it gave me an ace with straight hyzerflip right to chains.


Imatra – Itä-Suomen koulu, hole 9

49m, par 3

Discraft Buzzz OS was a disc that I got my first forehand ace with. As I got to learn to throw forehands as well, it did make life a lot easier even though at that time my forehand was still bit unreliable and up to 70 meters, but still there’s an ace with it.


Imatra – Karhumäki, hole 11

62m, par 3

Second forehand ace and first with Dynamic Discs I got with soft Suspect. In hole 11 you need to throw over a small mound and at end fade to right. Line is perfect for putter/midrange forehand and finally I got that nailed. Great to have an ace to a blind basket as you can see from my grin


Imatra – Itä-Suomen koulu, hole 7

51m, par 3

Great story behind this ace. I arranged raffled doubles event with some extra “rules”. On third round was played with switched bags ad gladly found Latitude64 Pure from my partner bag. I threw a turnover shot that sailed perfectly over and right into the basket


Imatra – Itä-Suomen koulu, hole 9

49m, par 3

Third ace to hole 9 in Itä-Suomen koulu. At that time had started to throw putters more from tee and threw Latitude64 Gauntlet in slight hyzer towards the basket. Without any hesitation landed right in…


Heinola – Kippasuo, hole 21

98m, par 3

That ace was something. Hole 21 in Kippasuo is 98m long and basket is little uphill at the end of the hole. I sent Latitude64 Ballista in hyzer angle right towards the basket and disc stand up and flew all the way straight dead center of chains. That was so amazing feeling to get that stay in!


Imatra – Karhumäki, hole 8

56m, par 3

Tedious hole 8 at Karhumäki is not long, but slight downhill hole that has slope on both sides with lots of rocks on a way to basket. A gentle throw with Dynamic Discs Warden did the job as from slight hyzer release disc stood up and navigated straight into chains


Imatra – Urheilutalo, hole 2

53m, par 3

Westside Discs Anvil found a way into my bag at 2019. And it was a love at first encounter. Anvil is very overstable midrange and great for approaches and when overstability is needed. In hole 2 at Urheilutalo I threw Anvil in anhyzer ankle with sidearm and just watched it to fight out from anhyzer and fade hard right into basket


Imatra – Urheilutalo, hole 9

52m, par 3

Westside Discs Anvil did it again. This time was chasing chains with big skip on hole 9. Threw RHBH hyzer right to the basked and disc landed ground 15 meters before basked and got a big skip right into chains


Imatra – Urheilutalo, hole 3

45m, par 3

Second ace with my Dynamic Discs Warden. This time took hyzer line for hole 3 in Urheilutalo. There’s a guardian tree somewhat on the hyzer line, but was able to go past the tree and into the basket


Imatra – Karhumäki, hole 4

91m, par 3

Was have a round with my daughter in Karhumäki where I threw my Latitude64 Snow line Explorer at hole 4. That hole it kinda made for explorer flight characteristics, stand top straight for 80 meters and the fade and with this time faded right into basket


Imatra – Vuoksenniska, hole 9

77m, par 3

Dynamic Discs’ proto Vandal had become a disc that I like to throw a lot. You don’t need to put much power into throw in order to achieve distances between 80 to 100 meters with good accuracy. This time Vandal redeemed expectations and navigated dead center into basket in hole 9 at Vuoksenniska.


Imatra – Mikonpuisto, hole 3

63m, par 3

Fuse has been on and off from my bag, but now finally in 2021 it became to stay as hyzerflip straight mid and for long anhyzers. In Mikonpuisto hole 3 it did that stand up magic and flew right into basket


Imatra – Mikonpuisto, hole 1

52m, par 3

Got a gamechanger in my bag in 2021 – Frost moonshine Spark. That disc is very overstable and I find it very comfortable for my forehand. It’s good to throw from 50-80m and got a first ace with it on Mikonpuisto hole 1