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My current in the bag page. When I did my last in the bag video in 2018 thought that will go with those discs for quite a while. Well, it changed and lot to be honest. There are still few of my favourite workhorses left which will remain there for sure. Will keep updating this post and you’ll find update log at bottom of this post. So these discs listed here are fitting into my Latitude E3 luxury bag. When pulling my zuca to course, of course there are more backups of these discs on board. 

Please feel free to leave comments below and have a look of recent posts as during this year will also add some disc reviews for my homepage as amateur perspective for pro reviews  you can find from web.

Putters (3/21)
2 molds
Midranges (5/21)
4 molds 23.8%
Fairway drivers (7/21)
4 molds 33.3%
Distance drivers (7/21)
4 molds 33.3%


Warden (Dynamic discs) – 1 x moonshine blend, 1 x Lucid-x

2  4  0  0,5

Warden in moonshine blend. Currently bagging two of the as blend being used mainly for putting and lucid-x for  longer throws. Blend moonshine is offering best grip in my opinion and being beadless and low enough for me to get very good grip for putting. Lucid-x in more stable and has very straight flying path and I used it for tee shots and approaches

Keystone (Latitude64)- 1 x zero medium 

2  5  -1  1

Handfeel of Keystone is very similar to Warden so they are making a perfect pair. Keystone’s role in my bag is for longer putts as well as longer throws I need to turn over. 


Anvil (Westside discs) – 1 x vip 

4  2  0  4

The utility discs and very important disc for approached. Very overstable slow midrange. Superb for forehand approaches and have given me already few aces. Shallow and comfortable. Always return even if thrown with big anhyzer release. Highly recommended overstable midrange.

Claymore (Latitude64) – 1 x opto 

5  5  -1  1

My understable midrange is Claymore. Very reliable disc for shots I need to turn over but not being too flippy. I prefer using Claymores in heavier weights. This disc also glides and holds anhyzer lines perfectly

Truth Emac (Dynamic discs) – 1 x fuzion, 1 x Lucid 

5  5  0  2

Workhorses of my midrange game. Two fuzion discs in my bag of which one is seasoned to straight or even a bit over turning and newer Totuus is still having more fade at the end of the flight. Truth is my most thrown disc in my bag and I really know how these two are behaving. 

Verdict (Dynamic discs) – 1 x lucid 

5  4  0  3,5

Overstable compliment to my truths. If more fade is needed or there are more headwind, then my choice is verdict. Won’t get that much flight time over my truths but there are some situations where this disc is very welcomed addition.

Fairway drivers

Explorer (Latitude64) – 1 x snow and 1 x opto-x 

7  5  0  2

Straight flying fairway driver. Snow line explorer is very reliable to throw in woods having straigth flight and not needing that much space. Snow line disc is used only backhand while my opto-x version is better for forehand drives. 

Maul (Latitude64) – 1 x opto

7  7  -2  1

Latest addition to my bag is Maul, superb disc for hyzer flipping tight tunnel shots and longer turnovers compared to Claymore. Great feeling in hand and will glide forever and really not have any fade at end. Longest throw with this disc has been 120 m in slight downhill and dead straight flight. Who wouldn’t love that?

Felon (Dynamic discs) – 1 x fuzion, 1 x lucid, 1 x lucid-x

9  3  0,5  4

Felon! Do I need to say more? The fairway driver in my bag. Lucid Felon I have is seasoned for few years and is now very straight flying up to 90-100 metres and the having always fade at the end. No hooking fade, but pushing. If more stability is needed then I trust my lucid-x Felon. Between those two I have fresh fuzion burst Felon which exactly fill gap between those two. This disc can be thrown either backhand or forehand and gets a lot airtime in my hands.

 Sapphire (Latitude64) – 1 x opto chameleon

10  6  -2  1,5

Sapphire stole a place in my bag by being disc that is easy to throw and curves nice S-lines. If you throw it with some hyzer, it stands up nicely allowing little turnover before having nice forward pushing fade. At least that chameleon version has more stability than its flight numbers indicate

Distance drivers

Flow (Latitude64) – 1 x opto

11  6  -0,5  2

Flow has been in my bad for many years. Currently it’s losing airtime to its fairway counterparts, but there are still moments to grab my flow. It has great glide and it’s good for controlled S-shots in woods as well as turning over forehands  

Trespass (Dynamic discs) – 1 x lucid-x

12  5  -0,5  3

My go-to distance driver. Had love hate relationship with this disc until lucid-x was released. Oh I do love this disc. With my arm speed from slight hyxer angle it turns just bit over and don’t have that hard fade at the end. Reliable and allow shaping of shots by variation of release angles. Works just find as well with forehand. This being third disc I really can’t lose from my bag.

Sheriff (Dynamic discs) – 1 x sparkle lucid and 1 x fuzion

13  5  -1  2

Sheriff is a long timer in my bag and lost it’s airtime to Trespasses. Still they are valuable link in my arsenal as fuzion Sheriff is beaten to very understable and great fo hyzerflip uphill shots. Sparkle lucid is then another story. In my hands it’s more stable than its flight numbers indicate and I use this to throw anhyzer forehands where it turns nicely over and always returns back.

Raider (Dynamic discs) – 2 x lucid (168g/175g)

13  5  -0,5  3

New addition to my bad as distance bomber. When compared to Trespass, Raider has definitely more fade at the end while rest of the flight pattern is quite similar. In my hands Raider can be thrown into stronger headwind compared to Trespass. Lighter Raider is more understable and very suitable for looong turn overs and uphill shots, which really surpriced me. Still in a learning curve with these discs, but I’d say that after some seasoning these will be money in my lineup.

Update history
  • First version released 8.1.2020
  • Pioneer out and fuzion felon in. Vandals out. One blend Warder replaced by lucid-x and fuzion Emac Truth by lucid 18.3.2020