In the bag 2018

I made my first in the bag end of the summer 2018. At that time I had been throwing discs three years. Also in 2018 I was accepted to team trilogy so that made some changes to my bag as well as needed to replace some Innova, Prodigy and Discmania discs.


Pure, soft
Gauntlet, soft
Spike, soft
Suspect, soft and blend


DD Truth (EMaC)
DD Verdict

Fairway drivers:

LAT64 Explorer
LAT64 Explorer Air
LAT64 Spark
DD Escape
LAT64 Jade
LAT64 Saint pro
LAT64 Culverin
DD Felon

Distance drivers

LAT64 Flow
DD Trespass
DD Enforcer
DD Sheriff
DD Defender
LAT64 Ballista
LAT64 Ballista pro