Me, myself and I

Hey you. Welcome to home of Hullukala. My name is Antti Kymäläinen and with these page I share bits and pieces of my life and adventures.

I live in Imatra with my family (wife and two kids + a dog). Two of my main hobbies are fishing and disc golf. The content of this page consist therefore articles related to those interests. Hoping you like to content and enjoy reading the posts.

Disc golf profile
PDGA: 93966
Status: Amateur
Ranking: 925
Team Trilogy
Hometown: Imatra, Finland
Homecourse: Karhumäki DGP

I have started to play disc in 2016 when I was 42 years old. First recorded round (12.6.2016) I played at Karhumäki dgp, 22 holes and score +23 birdie free.

As a competitive person, didn’t take too long to find myself in local disc golf club’s weeklies and got bunch of good friends who helped me fix worst of my technique problems.

Nowadays I do play as much as possible and also I’m active in local club Vuoksen disc golf ry. I do arrange club events and run competitions in local courses. One of my main goals is to make club’s own course Mellonmäki better step by step. I also like to dye discs and you’ll find related content form these pages in future.

As a member of team trilogy, I’m doing my best to make trilogy companies seen and heard in our neighborhood. Would like to compete more on pdga events, but we’ll see if 2020 can improve that.

For season 2020 I have goals to improve my forehand and find a confidence to throw more putters. Main event for this season is Tyyni2020, where I can defend my ranks from previous years (In MA40 2018 2nd and 2019 7th)

Fishing profile

Vessels: Hobie PA14 and Super fat cat
Hobie fishing team
Target: Pike, perch and zander
Spinning, casting and fly fishing
Rod building


I have been fishing since 1999, when graduated from school and moved back to Imatra. I did fish on my youth as well, but for some reason didn’t fish at all while I was stydying.

At the beginning I used to fly fish only mainly in river Vuoksi and had traditional yearly trip to northern FInland. When I got to know Markus Männistö, he introduced me into pike fly fishing and been into that since first bite. 

Nowadays I’m happily fishing mixed with spinning, casting and fly fishing. During springs and autumns like to go in Baltics ocean where target is big pike. During summertime I do spend my time in river Vuoksi trying to catch trophy perch and zander

Currently my records are:

  • Pike: 14 kg
  • Perch: 1,35 kg / 47cm
  • Zander: 5,5 kg